Thursday, August 31, 2006

Somethin Somethin

just something im workin on at the moment just a WIP.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stuff and things!

someone recently complained that i dont post here enough. and no i dont, main reason being as of yet, i see no point to it as either very few people comment or all they say is, "thats nice" or "i like how you did such and such!"

now praise is great of course, but at this time im tired of it. i see lots of problems with my stuff and i know its there, my problem is fixing them sometimes and seeing the things i didnt even notice. SO, ill post, with this stipulation. if yer looking at it, feel free to comment and say whatever you dont like about it. you can say it looks good and all that but please let me know what bothers you about it. it helps me loads to hear feedback like that so please give me your input and opinon. even if you feel your opinon isn't "right" or whatever. just give it anyway, theres no harm in it and it'll help me grow as an artist because you, regardless of who you are, are the viewer of my art. even if you dont know shit about art, if something seems off and you can AT ALL pin point it thats something thats useful for me to know.

my job as an artist as far as im concerened is to grow and develop, and more over get a reaction of some form from my viewer, hopefully tho, the reaction im aiming for.

so yeah, comment damnit, whoever you are!

ALSO! go to this blog cause its gonna be awesome.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Nailsier then ever before!

alrighty, here be the finished piece!

Friday, May 19, 2006

a chacophony of characters

isnt it amazing how i can sit back and make a title that is so im incorrectly spelt it defies imagination? and STILL not care? my oh my.

anyways, this is one of the projects im working on at work. for a video game called contagion. its an educational game done in flash with character customization and such. anyways, i did the characters up that they wanted for the customization screen. and this is them. mind you, ive now changed the colour scheme on them, and yes it does look as bad as you think.

and here are two sketches of another 2 characters for it, yet to be approved

And, because i told Jose about it, my brush settings for an enjoyable brush ive tried out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

like nails on a chalk board...

heya, just something thats been going down the pipe for ages now. i did the line art several months ago and theres a butt load of anatomical errors. the colouring i got to recently, its alot of experimenting with trying new brushes and such. and doing an ACTUAL coloured background in the thing, which i need to do more of. I'm gonna be colouring the guy different then usual aswell, less painterly then normal. hopefully i can do it. should be done soon, but heres the WIP

oh yeah, its a commision thats way overdue (school cut my time like a knife), the character's name is Nails, thus the title here.

goodness gracious GREAT BALLS of fire!

a few recent-ish pieces and a slightly older one. Pretty hit and miss, ill try and post some of what im doing now soon.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

more pieces, OLDER pieces

These are some older pieces i've done, but havn't posted anywhere thats easily viewable. so yeah, GOOO

Some older webdesign stuff aswell

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

more layout monstrosities!

holy hell im tired.... but i shall post this anyway.

layout. an engine room for a jules vern inspired spaceship.

theres issues, yeah. but here ya go!